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August 29, 2022

Flu season has arrived, and getting vaccinated early is important to make sure you are protected.  

The influenza vaccine is recommended for everyone over the age of 6 months, but is especially important for those:

  • Age 65 or older 
  • Pregnant women
  • People with certain conditions (diabetes, asthma, lung disease) who are at higher risk for serious complications
  • People who care for the elderly or others at higher risk for serious complications

Vaccination is recommended as soon as possible to make sure your body has time to produce antibodies against the influenza virus. It takes approximately two weeks for your body to build up protection.

The traditional “flu shot” is available and recommended for everyone over the age of 6 months.   This is an inactivated virus that provides protection with less risk of side effects. Although you cannot get the flu from this vaccine, side effects can occur and include:

  • Soreness, redness, swelling at the injection site
  • Low grade fever
  • Aches

Although the influenza vaccine is recommended for everyone over  the age of 6 months, there are some individuals who should not receive the vaccine. This includes individuals:

  • With a severe egg allergy
  • Who have had a serious allergic reaction to the flu vaccine in the past
  • Who are currently ill with a fever (they should wait until they recover)
  • With a history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome

These individuals should consult their physician prior to receiving the vaccine.

At Sand Run Pharmacy, we are able to vaccinate patients age 7 and above against influenza. We accept most major insurances and offer affordable prices for those whose insurance does not cover the vaccine. Walk ins are welcome! If you have any questions, please call us at (330) 864-2138.

Employers or community organizers looking to schedule a flu clinic, click Business Flu flyer for more information