What is compounding?

It is a process of combining or mixing ingredients to create a medication specific for the needs of an individual patient. Pharmacists are the only healthcare professionals able to provide services for humans and animals. Providing individualized medications to meet the needs of people and pets is what we do in our specialized facilities. We are your compounding specialists, customizing medications for you, your family and your pets.

Prescription Compounding

Compounded prescriptions are needed to provide medications for those with allergies, sensitivities and unique needs. You may have a desire for natural hormone preparations or need a specialized dermatology product that we are trained to prepare.

We work with physicians in all types of practices to meet your needs including women’s health, dental, dermatology, GI health, ear, nose and throat, podiatry, pain management, allergist and pediatrics.

To serve you we can:
We can custom make the following dosage forms:

Veterinary Compounding

Do you have a pet that just doesn’t like to take their medication? Does it taste bad? Tired of cutting tablets into really small pieces for the right dosing, just to have them crumble

We specialize in:

Tired of trying to hide the medication in some food, just for them to spit it out? Well we can help with that! Let us help make administering medications to your loved ones easy.