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Here at Sand Run Pharmacy, we are committed to keeping you up to date on the latest health and medical news as well as those issues that hit us closer to home, here in West Akron.
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Healthy fats and unhealthy fats

Here in the United States we are scared of fats. Fats make us gain weight and lead to things like heart disease and obesity. But …

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Adren-All and Adapten-All

Stress levels are on the rise. Increased screen time, poor diets, less exercise all contribute. Higher stress causes a decline in focus, lower energy and …

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Mood imbalances such as irritability, nervousness and worry can be caused by a variety of stressors. The feelings can be triggered when an event makes …

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Strokes and your health

Each year over 900,000 people in the US will have a stroke.  It is important to recognize the signs of a stroke and seek help …

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Do I Need Antibiotics?

Cold and flu season is upon us! One commonly asked question is – do I need antibiotics? Antibiotics are only used to treat bacterial infections, …

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