Sand Run Pharmacy – providing old fashioned service with contemporary health care in mind.  We offer traditional pharmacy services along side specialized custom compounding to benefit your total health and well being.  Why custom compounding?  We work directly with your health care specialist to provide an individualized care plan for you and your loved ones.  Why? Because we realize that not all patients require the same care when it comes to medications. Who would benefit from compounding?  Adults requiring frequent dosage changes, kids with picky palettes, patients wishing to avoid unnecessary additives/colorings/fragrances, and of course our difficult to medicate furry friends all benefit from custom prescription services.  Trouble swallowing a capsule – we can make a liquid.  Prefer a cream instead of a gel – no problem! We provide a wide variety of products for topical use as well – from addressing skin conditions, to hormone replacement therapy, to assisting a health care provider with an in-office procedure.  Here at Sand Run Pharmacy, we’re happy to help and eager to devise a strategy to tackle the constantly changing health care needs of our community – one patient at a time.  Call us at 330-864-2138 to discuss your needs and/or questions about custom compounded medication.